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The Poet
Café in hand/ the poet/ ruminates/ deep things/ within her heart/ the cup warming/ keeps the winter/ at bay/ the pen limbers up/ strokes the page/ with fire/ and intensity/ She downs/ the sacred fluid/ its robust flavor/ satisfying/ she watches/ the steam rise/ and dance/ into the air./ Another poem/ is born.


Hello semua.. Selamat kembali kepada blog Yana.. So anyways.. Lots of things just happened.. First up, I'm feeling guilty as hell for agreeing to the naughty with someone who actually belongs to someone else, even though I'm the one who spends most of the time with this person and yes i do have a crush. (Oops~!) What has been done cannot be undone. I hope this doesn't repeat. Or maybe i should stay away from the person for awhile. Create the distance. LoL.. It's funny that i just wrote an entry about turning the platonic friendship to a friends with benefits thing, and here I am stuck in this situation. Dammit~! Secondly, conflicts with people regarding beans. Sigh.. Are we not done with this? I give beans to anyone whom i think is nice. I'm not even expecting the same treatment being given to me. It's my decision to give these beans to whomever. But seems that some people think i have given beans to wrong people. How many times to i have to repeat myself? I'm not expecting... (more)

stolen joy
The angel said to him, "I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news" (Luke 1:19). Read Luke 1:19-25. It took a lot of behind-the-scenes work for us to get that pool table. Our neighbors let mom and dad stored it unassembled in their garage next door. Then late Christmas Eve our neighbor and my dad carried it piece by piece to our basement, where dad spent all the night putting it together. But you never saw a group of happier boys surrounding a pool table than that Christmas morning. This also should be Zechariah's greatest day. Instead, his doubt and skepticism blinds him to the joy and wonder of all that God has promised. So the angel reveals his name: Gabriel. A priest like Zechariah should certainly recognize him as the angel God had sent several times to share His message with Daniel. Beyond that, Gabriel reminds the foolish priest that he has come from the very... (more)

Grain of Salt
Our Blog is back and its better than ever, hey now hey now our blog is back!
Good morrow to all of you out in cyberspace and welcome back to the glorious (and uproarious) Grain of Salt. We have a crack team working harder than ever to break the best movie news, when there's none out there. We strive to be the only news source with the most inside of scoops. Now onto the hottest rumor of the day: Word has it, 20th Century Fox is ordering a sequel treatment for The Martian (2015). If you recall, the initial movie starred Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on the surface of Mars, prompting a rescue mission to bring him home as he became accustomed to his new life on the red planet. The sequel takes ideas ripped right from the headlines with Elon Musk wanting to colonize Mars in the near distant future. The movie fictionalizes said headlines and shows societal breakdown in a dystopian nature. It is important to point out Fox wants to shift gears toward making it a comedy, as to soften the barbaric nature of the very fabric of human existence. The sequel adds... (more)

Endless whining
Holiday Starts
I am not going anywhere and I am actually quite happy about it. Sometimes I just like routines and the predictability of things. And I am meeting up with so many friends who I have not met for such a long time. I am really glad to see them. That's also possible because I am not going anywhere.

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